Real life skills for real life recovery. 

For a life well lived, free from eating disorders. 

Skills for Everybody

Transitioning from life with an eating disorder to living in recovery can be challenging no matter where you’re at in the recovery process. Despite all the effort and time we might spend in a treatment setting, we aren’t always equipped with the skills needed to navigate recovery in our real worlds. Whether you are new to recovery or have been at it a while, life skill development can be a crucial step towards sustainable recovery and better quality of life.

Skills for the Mind

Prepare your mind for the transitions, challenges, and responsibilities of life with mindfulness practices and coping skills. 

Skills for the Body

Improve your relationship with your body through mindful movement, intuitive eating, and sexuality in recovery.

Skills for Connection

Our courses and community encourage you to form deeper connections with yourself and others in recovery. 

What is GoodGrit Collective?

GGC is an online community for adults navigating eating disorder recovery. Through life skill development courses and intentional community, we support you on your way to sustainable, real life recovery.

More About GGC

Why life skills?  

Simply put, it's hard to balance recovery with the expectations and responsibilities of everyday life. This balance can feel far more manageable when we know how to manage our money, prepare a meal, and cope with our feelings. Developing these nitty, gritty life skills increases our confidence in recovery and creates more opportunities for authentic connection, purpose, and joy. 

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Sneak a peek at some of the life skill lessons included in our courses. 

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What can you expect from GoodGrit Collective?

We offer tools and community to help you gain confidence in recovery. We strive to empower you to live the life you desire, in alignment with your values and free from an eating disorder. That’s what GoodGrit Collective is all about—helping you live that life. 

Above all, Good Grit Collective is a community rooted in values and shared experience. Authenticity, connection, and learning are values we live by and have found to be key in sustainable, real life recovery. 


We keep it real. Our values, personalities, and principles show up in all that we do. 


Connection to ourselves and others helps regulate our emotions and increase self esteem. 


Learn from our experts, including eating disorder specialists, dietitians, therapists, chefs, and movement instructors. 

Our Instructors

Meagan Rothschild


Founder & Facilitator

Lucy Smith



Dana Harper



Melissa Fabello



Naomi Katz


Intuitive Eating 

Wendy Wright



 Vahista Ussery 



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