Real Connection. 

Real Life.

Real Recovery. 


Our Values 

Our core values include  authenticity, learning, connection, and respect (for self and for others). Our instructors and community members embody these values to provide a safe space for developing life skills essential to lasting recovery.

GoodGrit Collective might be for you if:

  • You're an adult
  • You need support in bridging the gap between treatment and real life
  • You're seeking realistic tools and community for sustainable recovery

We believe that:

You belong

You are worthy.

You deserve respect from yourself and others. 

GoodGrit Collective was founded by Meagan Rothschild, an eating disorder dietitian located in Dallas, TX.

Meagan has owned and operated her nutrition therapy practice since 2013. While working in private practice, she observed a gap in care - a gap that doesn't fully prepare us for recovery in the real world.  

She believes that wider access to life skill development and community involvement is essential to sustainable recovery. She envisions a day when eating disorders are better treated and understood, when the diet industry goes out of business, and when all people are welcomed and embraced for being their unique, authentic selves.

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