Naomi Katz       

Body Image Coach, Certified Intuitive Eating Lay Facilitator

Naomi Katz (she/her/hers) is Certified Intuitive Eating Lay Facilitator, body image coach, and owner of Happy Shapes Coaching in Asheville, NC. She supports and holds space for folks who are ready to reject diet culture so they can reclaim their autonomy and consent over their mind, body, and life.

Rather than zooming in on the nutrition side of Intuitive Eating, Naomi focuses her coaching on the mindset piece—holding conversations about self-trust, body image, what the folks she works with value in their everyday lives, how diet culture robs us of these things, and how to navigate the process of rejecting and unlearning.

Naomi practices through a Health at Every Size and fat positive lens. She believes that all shapes deserve to be happy shapes, that all bodies are good bodies, that diets don’t work, that health is not a moral obligation (but that it is achievable at every size), that diet culture is an extension of patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism, that self-compassion is our superpower, that our bodies are the least interesting things about us, that we all deserve to take up space in this world, and that cheesecake is better than all other desserts.

Naomi offers online individual and group coaching that focuses on learning to identify the systems influencing our feelings about food and our bodies, and learning to reclaim our power from those systems. Because we have bigger, better things to do in this world than spending our lives trying to fit a false ideal.

Unlearning a lifetime of body beliefs is uncomfortable—which is why Naomi promises to hold a brave space for you to come as you are and honor yourself and the process for what it is—approaching any discomfort and other big feelings from a place of curiosity, kindness, and self-compassion.

You can learn more about Naomi and her coaching at, or by following her on Instagram @happyshapesnaomi.